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Good business reputation has won the trust of many customers

Shanghai XXXXXX was founded in 2000 with XXX employees. The company has electricians, welders, high-altitude work and other technical staff. Long term home recycling of various household appliances, central air conditioning, mechanical equipment, hotel equipment, kitchen equipment, office equipment, office furniture, household furniture, plastic products, metal materials, demolition construction waste, etc. Reasonable price, keep promise, cash transaction, safe and fast, enthusiastic service, and strictly keep secret for customers. Welcome units and individuals with waste materials to contact and discuss recycling issues.。

Relying on its strong economic strength and abiding by the principle of honesty, the company has won the trust of many customers with its good business reputation in its long-term business activities and gained good reputation in the industry. For a long time, we have established a stable cooperative relationship with domestic industrial and mining enterprises, government departments, hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings and scientific research institutes. With the continuous development and expansion of our business, the scope of our partners will be further expanded

development history


In 2000, environmental protection network company launched environmental protection equipment in various industries and set foot in the field of environmental protection。


In 2010, the number of users in the water industry exceeded 100, the turnover exceeded 50 million yuan, and the total number of users of the whole line products exceeded 1700


In 2005, medical waste incinerator products won the gold medal of the first "environmental protection and energy saving products meeting".


In 2018, more than 300 municipal sewage users set foot in the fields of oilfield reinjection water disinfection and ship ballast water treatment

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